Having established the fact that I have the cutest daughters in the world, I am now venturing into computers.

Dell Mini laptop

I am trying to see if the Dell Inspiron Mini would  work as a mobile classroom computer for new Therap users.  It would certainly be easier to travel with one of these.


My thoughts so far:

I like it!  It’s small! (photo above is next to my  15″ Dell – click for bigger and more). 

It’s affordable ($380  all in for a refurbished model you would never know wasn’t new)

It is actually remarkably usable.  Even with my big fingers, I am having no problems writing this blog post on it at good speed inside Scribefire.  The screen and keys though small are very clear.

Only a couple of negatives so far:

1. It doesn’t use the standard Dell laptop charger (I love that all our other Dells do)

2. I can’t find F11 (which gets you full screen in a browser which I would use a lot) I can only get as far as F10!

I’ll let you know more as I live with it a bit.  What would you think if we arrived to do your training with a bunch of these?

:: Justin ::