Screenshot of Service Authorizations

I am just returned from a very successful and exciting conference in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Probably the most exciting feature we discussed over two days with the 250 attendees was our latest updates to Individual Budgeting.

Thanks to a lot of hard work and patience from some great Service Coordinators and providers in Western Nebraska, this module is really taking shape.

What you can see from the screenshots is a budget (or cost plan if you want to call it that) which allows the Service Coordinator to build a plan with the individual, budget it out across the year and then send the authorizations the appropriate providers who can then bill back against it.

Everyone on the team (with the appropriate privileges obviously) can then see exactly how the units are being used throughout the year.

Screenshot of Budget

This is an essential part of our new unified view of the world including our new ISP. If you’ve been at a presentation of mine recently you’ll have seen my diagram which I am working on to describe this, hopefully it will be ready soon to publish.

Our next major step will be merging these Service Authorizations into our regular billing system so that you can tie into all that existing functionality and have a true multi-provider billing and documentation system.

This is very, very exciting.

:: Justin ::