Therap MAR Stats July 2013

As you can see, people use our MAR a lot!  Almost 6,000,000 entries a month!  Through all of this use we have identified a number of issues and challenges.  Along with that, we are also continuing our work of building our first pharmacy interface.

To make all of this work even better, we are looking at a new MAR interface that will be easier, faster, and even more usable.  Below you will see an early mock up.  We’ve already come up with some great enhancemants based on conversations weve have at conferences and user groups.

Screenshot of Medication Administration Records Data page

The basic idea here is that data entry will be done on a single day view.  The whole month view will still be available an just a click away, but we see that as primarily a quality assurance tool.

By having a single day view, we can display even more information (including the photo of the pill) and also divide teh day up into four hour slots so that it is easier to see what meds are currently due.

Take a look at the mockup (it should get a bit bigger if you click on it) and let us know your thoughts.  We expect to have a lot more conversations about this as we move ahead.

:: Justin ::