The Good: The Wolcott U-12 Boys have now won 4, lost 1, and drawn 1 following a fairly easy game against Middlebury on Saturday where we won 6-0. In our league the is the maximum you can win by, you the difference be seven goals then you forfeit the game. This can make for a bit of a coaching conundrum when you overmatch an opponent. The trick is to keep it interesting for your team while still being respectful to the other team. In working through this on Saturday I came up with a solution that worked really well. In the second half I said that only one of two players (who happened to be two of my key defenders) were allowed to score. This had the result that the rest of the team had to work out how to get them into a scoring position and get them the ball. This led to a lot of looking up and lots of communication – and each of the players scoring their first goal for me! At the same time, because they were trying so hard (and we had players out of position) I think it felt like a real game to the other team.

The Bad: Hearts managed to lose 2-0 at home to Kilmarnock. That’s two lost home games already this season when usually there are next to none all year. Personally I think it has a lot to do with the whole squad rotation thing that is going on. It seems like every week we run a different team out there. Oh well, who ever said it was easy being a Hearts fan?

The unexpected: I love how sporting predictions go, everyone was sure that no matter who won the Mets-Cardinals series (sigh) the Tigers would romp through the World Series. really?

:: Justin ::