Speaking of grass, it’s day 3 of our Oregon adventure, and I’m absolutely in awe of how amazingly green the grass is here.  We drove for about an hour on I-5 today to visit with Don at Oregon Supported Living Program,  and it was just beautiful. Once we got past the vineyards around Salem, it was miles and miles of straight, flat road, surrounded by open fields, adorned with plenty of sheep.  There were also some pretty hills, the like of which, I had never seen before.  It almost seemed like they were man-made, the way they were dispersed on such flat land.

Once we got to OSLP, we were able to join Don and some case managers at the county office to talk about the joys of Therap and later met with Kim, who is a nurse there.  It was wonderful to hear Don talk about Therap, and he really sold it through his own experiences, without really much help from us.  He is definitely on board with us on our quest to go paperless. Yeah!  I was also very interested in a fund-raising event that OSLP will be conducting March 20th.  It will be local bands and artists coming together to raise money so that clients can travel to places they may not have been able to without help from staff.  I thought this was a great idea, and wish them the best of luck.

We’ve had very great visits so far, and continue to get great feedback.  (My only complaint has been not finding American Idol on my hotel tv )  Anywho, our journey continues tomorrow w/ a visit to folks in Salem and Monmouth.

Until tomorrow,