What a day!

In fact what a weekend!

On Friday night Calum and I headed up to Clifton Park, New York to see one of our favourite bands, Rancid (we’re going again tonight in Boston).  Great show, lots of bouncing, dancing, and singing – a good warm up for things to come.

By 10 o’clock on Saturday morning (3pm British Summer Time) we had made it to Legends Sports Bar on West 33rd Street in New York City which was showing the game.  The Bar seemed to be split between Hearts fans watching the Cup Final and West Ham fans watching their game with Blackpool to secure promotion to the English Premier League (I’m not sure that I saw any Hibs or Blackpool fans)

After a fine breakfast it was down to the business of beating Hibs, and we certainly did that.  With a final score of 5-1 it was just a day to celebrate, the only slightly nervous moments being just before half time when Hibs pulled it back to 2-1.  There was a couple of dubious refereeing decisions that went Hearts’ way, but even the poor souls on the Hibs forums had to agree that the whole Hearts team just seemed to want it more and were deserved winners.

It’s quite a thing to be in a basement bar 4000 miles from home and still be with a group of happy Jambos singing and dancing.

Maybe Hibs will get another chance in the 23rd century!

Enjoy the highlights:

Video on the Hearts are Having a Party

*There was originally a video link here which is unavailable.

:: Justin ::