Thanks to a few very cool pieces of technology I really can work just about anywhere.

This morning I have Michele’s car in for a routine service with the fine folks (and they really are very fine!) at Mitchell Subaru in Canton, Connecticut. Rather than wasting time drinking too much coffee and eating too many doughnuts, I have been able to provide customer support, send and receive emails, and even write this blog post!

All of this thanks to my laptop and the following:

Verizon Wireless EV-DO Broadband: This card and service allows me internet access just about anywhere. Speeds range from DSL like to dial up, but I have been pleasantly surprised by how well and in how many places it works.

Velaro Live Chat Customer Support: By clicking on this icon on our website, I can give instant support to customers and other people interested in Therap.

The Therap Phone System from ESI: If people choose the more traditional way of leaving me a message on my voice mail – (203) 596-7553 extension 102 – they have the option to press 4 and be connected directly to my cell phone or if they leave a message, the phone system automatically calls me to to let me know.

All this is particularly useful whether I am waiting for a car or travelling around as I will be later in the month when I head off on the mother of all trips to Montana, Oregon, and Arizona!

:: Justin