It’s that time of year (especially this year!) when Michele, Siraya, and I try to get somewhere warmer for a few days.  Siraya is a kid who just loves to be outside, but really doesn’t like the cold.  So, this year we thought it would be a great time to come to South Carolina (given how much we like the state and how much we have going on here).  So we booked a place in Myrtle Beach and booked some flights and have been looking forward to it for months.

What we didn’t take into account was the face that there seems to be a weekly snow storm in New England right now!  So on Friday we were watching the weather and keeping tabs on the United website.  The weather wasn’t looking good, but United still said they would be flying.  We were on a pretty small plane from Newark, NY to Charleston, SC) and my money was on the fact that it would be cancelled.

So Saturday morning we made the call and decided to drive (it’s 12 hours driving, I’m not sure we’ve ever driven much more than a couple with Siraya!).  We decided to try and get to Northern Virginia for the night and it was all going swimmingly until just past Baltimore when we hit some serious snow.  We battled through and did make to to about Quantico, VA.  Siraya was a real trooper, we spent the night and made it down to Myrtle Beach late Sunday afternoon.

It’s not what you would call warm, but the sun is out and there is no snow on the ground!

And… I was right, as we passed by Delaware, my watch pinged to say our flight was cancelled.

I’m looking forward to working with a beach view!

:: Justin ::