I’m sitting here waiting for my car’s brakes to be worked on (and dreading the bill). Obviously I get get out my phone and my laptop and keep on working.  I’ve already done a bunch of emails, talked to a few customers, and if I am stuck here much longer I’ll be doing an interview too!

The funny thing is how completely normal this feels to me, it also brings back memories of when it really wasn’t as commonplace: in 2006 I wrote this post.  At that time the mobile internet was really quite new, especially to do more than just see text.

It is quite remarkable how quickly things change and how we now take for granted things that less than a decade ago were almost unheard of.

I always enjoy when I am out and about and meet people who couldn’t possibly imagine doing their documentation on paper.

Just makes you wonder where we will be in 10 more years.  Maybe I’ll finally be in that flying car dealership!

:: Justin ::