On Saturday, the famous Heart of Midlothian Football Club will take on the lowly Hibernian in the Scottish Cup.

This is the first time the teams have met in the cup final since 1896!  As you can imagine, it’s rather a big deal!

In many ways, I think Hearts have more to lose.  Ove the past few years we have definitely been the better team, including of course winning 4-0 in the Sir Paul Hartley semi-final.

Video on Hearts 4-0 Hibs – Scottish Cup Semi Final 2006

Or in a previous cup match in a an earlier round which ended with Wayne Foster’s amazing goal (possibly the only piece of footballing skill he ever showed, but it was more than enough). The iconic “Foster on the fence” image is typical of Hearts mastery of the Edinburgh Derby.

More recently there have been climactic goals from the likes of Kevin Kyle

Video on Kevin Kyle Goal 1st Jan 2011

and Rudi Skacel

Video on Rudi Skacel’s goal & Celebration in Hearts v Hibs Match

who likes to score against Hibs almost as much as my boyhood hero John Robertson

Video on John Robertson’s goal & Celebration vs Hibs

The problem is that all of that will count for very little should Hibs somehow manage to win on Saturday.

For perhaps a more balanced preview, you can listen here. 

On the other hand, remember that Hibs haven’t beaten anyone in a cup final since 1902:

Original Picture is Unavailable

Hearts, of course, most recent won in 1998 and 2006

Unfortunately I won’t be able to make it back to see the game in person.  However Calum and I will be joining other ex-pat Jambos in a sports bar early on Saturday to cheer the boys on.

Hopefully I will be back with some wonderfully exhaultant blog posts afterwards.  If I fail to mention it, you’ll know what happened.

:: Justin ::