There has been a lot of talk over the past few years as to what should happen to Hearts aging stadium – Tynecastle. the big debate is whether to remain an inner city venue or move out to a green/brown field site on the edge of town.

Given the great success of inner city baseball stadia, I am hugely in favor or redevelopment in the inner city, not just because I was to see Hearts stay in Gorgie (having them move is like having the Yankees in New Jersey) but I believe that it will be of enormous benefit to the economy and sustainability of Gorgie-Dalry, the part of the world that still feels very much like home to me.

So, even though the team is horrendous just now, I am hoping this all comes to pass and moves Hearts and the local community on to bigger and better things.

This reminds me a bit of Balitmore for some reason, just walking through old familiar street and seeing a wonderful new Tynecastle appear.

A view showing the new stand and assorted extra buildings (hotel, flats, etc) fitting in rather nicely with the surrounding area and existing stands.

A view of the new stand from inside Tynecastle

Can’t wait!

:: Justin