Life in Therapville has been centered around Desktop Tower Defense over the last few month (don’t say we don’t have our priorities straight!).

The question is, now that we have lost quite so many hours of our life to it, what will be next?

Here are the nominees so far:


Nice idea, but too reliant on mouse coordination and hence gets a bit frustrating.

Bloons Tower Defense

Another variation of tower defense, this time with monkeys, balloons, and darts.  Very pretty, lots of fun, but just too easy.


The same monkeys, darts, and balloons as above in a puzzle game.  Very cute

The Fancy Pants Adventure

I’ve played this a few times before, but never consistently.  The graphics are very cool, and I do like a good platform game.

So, let me know, should one of these become the new official game in Therapville, or do you have a nominee?

:: Justin ::