Halloween (5)

You may find me slightly less available than normal this week.   Here’s the backstory:

For once, Michele is out galavanting around the country (given my travel schedule, she’s due her turn – this time she is back in Utah hiking with friends).

So, Siraya and I are hanging out for the week (along with Calum if he chooses to bless us with his presence).  Of course, the way things happen, school is closed two days (elections, and Veterans’ Day) and she has a million appointments (only a mild exaggeration).

Siraya's Bathroom

Thankfully (for Siraya) she has a wonderful circle of support who are reaching out to make sure that her hair is done properly and her clothes match (I can do most things in life, but those two are just beyond me!) – thanks Nicole and Katelyn!  In fact Siraya’s doctor today looked at her today after hearing that Michele was away and asked very suspiciously whether I had done the pigtails!

Siraya's Bathroom

Not only that, but work has finally started on her bathroom (not too long, now and she will have a fully accessible bath and shower attached to her bedroom rather than having to be carried upstairs.

While it’s exciting for me to watch the machinery come in and start work on the foundation, everyone comments on how excited Calum would have been if we had done this 12 years ago when he was obsessed with every varient of digging machinery.

I’m sure there will be more photos to come and building progresses, there may even be more of our adventures, depending on how much trouble Siraya and I can get into!

:: Justin ::