You know it’s going to be a good day when this is what you wake up to. (It is also perfect Allison weather!)

After a long day’s travel, I finally arrived in Big Sky at the fabulous Buck’s T-4.

The Six State Summit is for states and providers from CMS Region 8: North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado.

The conference is great, and in many ways like a Therap conference in that it is full of networking and very relaxed.  It’s also somewhere people don’t want to leave (though the scenery here is a little more dramatic than Fishkill)

It is particularly cool to meet up again with old friends from places like Northern Hills Training Center in Spearfish, South Dakota who were one of our very first users or from Opportunity Resources and MDSC in Missoula, Montana who really got us moving out there.  These are the visionary folks who grasped the opportunity when Therap wasn’t much more than a theory.

Now look at us!

:: Justin ::