This is shaping up to be a really exciting summer here in Therapville.  We have so many great new customers coming on board all over the place. The fact is though, it already is rather exciting!  We just added our 5th mobile classroom meaning that we can be simultaneously training 100 Therap users all hands on, all across the country.

This week alone, we’re training in New York, Arkansas, Oregon, Connecticut, and Washington DC and that’s just where we are doing it in person, there is web-based and automated training going on all over the place!

Special mention though should go out to a couple of agencies.  Firstly, Oak Hill, here in Connecticut.  This week they will pass the 1000 staff trained mark (Stephen has been a busy chap these past couple of weeks!).  It has been quite an undertaking, and a great example for other larger agencies to follow.  As well as having the best toys to play with (when we train at NEAT) they have also done a tremendous job of scheduling training at good locations around the state and making sure that folks keep with the program.  It is a really exciting process to watch.

Next up is The Center for Family Support who provide supports to people in both New York and New Jersey.  As well as supporting people with developmental disabilities they also offer a range of services to people with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).  Today I was working with them to document those services in Therap.  While the services are still medicaid billable and so the documentation requirements are similar there is a whole pile of terminology and bunches of acronyms for me to learn.  Thankfully the folks there make great teachers.

As we move on through the summer there is going to be training going on from coast to coast so be sure to keep track of us on our blogs to see if we are in your neighborhood.

:: Justin ::