Now that I’ve tried one Firefox plugin for blogging, I want to see what’s out there so this post is being done using something called Scribefire. So far I am liking this even more!

The one thing that neither one does is give me access to more complex HTML tags for things like tables, but it may well be that doing things like that just breaks WordPress, who knows?

Scribefire does allow you to choose multiple categories and gives access to for links and bookmarks and things which is kind of cool given that links and comments (hint, hint) are what blogging is all about.

:: Justin ::

PS Update: OK, it all seems to be going swimmingly, Scribefire says it has posted, shows this post in its history along with all the other posts, but I don’t see it when I look at my blog. Hmmmm….

PPS Ahhhhhhh it posts as a draft, must be a setting somewhere!

PPPS Oops, that was my fault, I checked the box.  Now I can browse and blog in a split screen, this is cool!

PPPPS: Click on the picture below for a fullsize screenshot