This weekend was definately one of the ups!

On Friday the Southington Stingrays had a parents v kids swim meet! I have taken part in many parents v kids soccer matches, but this was a first for me (I haven’t yet worked out how to cheat like I can I soccer!). It was a whole lots of fun and I ended up swimming have a dozen races alongside Iona and Calum. There were certainly plenty tired adults by the end of it, but a good time was had by all!

Then today, The Wolcott U-11 boys played their 4th game of the season down at Lesek Wrona’s Soccer Academy. This was one of those games where you sit back and say “WOW, they must have actually listened!”. the boys did everything that was asked of them from putting in enough effort, to applying pressure, to passing, to running into space. It was a real joy to watch and they ended up deservedly winning 11-5.

:: Justin