We are in the process of making the final tweaks to get our beta version of Therap 2012.2 out for you to try out.

We’re also making a few updates to make it even tastier.

The biggest thing for people to get used to will be updates to the User Privilege and Caseload Screens as well as using Security Profiles.

One of the things that you will see here is our new list filtering mechanism.  All you do is type above the appropriate column, his enter and the list is filtered.  It’s quick, easy and very cool.

Here are a few excertps from our draft release notes to introduce these features to you:

:: Justin ::


Manage Privilege

Provider Administrators or users with User Privilege Administrative Role will be able to create Profile(s) for users and manage their Privileges. 


Manage Super Role

Users can now add and update Super Role(s) from a single page. 

Manage Caseload

Users can now add different types of Caseloads from the same page. This removes the overhead of adding different types of Caseloads from different pages. Users may also view the list of Caseloads, users assigned with each Caseload and add new Caseloads from a single page. 


Security Profiles

With this release, Therap will be introducing the Security Profile feature for simplifying the activities of users with multiple responsibilities. They will be able to manage their responsibilities with greater ease by dedicating a Profile for each responsibility. They will be able to assign a set of privileges under each Profile that defines their responsibilities. Instead of their Dashboard/FirstPage reflecting all the tasks to be carried out for each of their different responsibilities under each module at the same time, it will now function depending on the privileges assigned under the particular Profile. Users having multiple profiles can switch to different Profiles and work on the set of tasks that comes with their responsibilities. They can easily view the actions which come under each responsibility and can carry out their tasks with greater efficiency. Users may have multiple Profiles each based on their Super Roles. 


Users having a single Super Role will have their Profile name set to ‘Initial’ and users having multiple Super Roles will have multiple Profiles with the names Profile-1, Profile-2 etc. for each Super Role.

Users will be asked to select the Default Profile after logging into the system. The FirstPage/Dashboard for the selected Profile of the user will function according to the privileges assigned to the user under that Profile. User may click on the Profile Name to view its details. 


Users may also change the Profile which is set as ‘Default’ and select other Profile as their default. Users will always be taken to their ‘Default Profile’ everytime they login.