This weekend we are bringing out Therap 2013.1.  Now, usually when we update that first number after the version/year you would expect to see something pretty significant.  If you then rushed to the Release Notes (as I hoep you always do) you might have been disappointed to see only one feature (configurable session time out) and the fact that we are now on the Amazon App Store (and hence on your Kindle Fire).

The reason for this is that the session time-out feature is hopefully our final system change before we submit for CCHIT Certification and it could only be done after we had made some changes under the hood.  When I say “some changes” this is more like getting a new transmission!

We have changed a whole layer in our application infrastructure with a major (and expensive) upgrade.  Not only will we have a new and better foundation to program on, the system will grow better and we have a whole new suite of tools for monitoring and diagnosing the system and its applications.

Out developers and tester have been working on this for several months now as there is an impact on virtually every element of Therap, so we will be watching things very carefully over the weekend and providing extra support just in case there should be any bumps in the road.

To me, this is one of the major reason’s that Software as a Service (sometimes known as Saas) just makes so much sense.  If you were doing this sort of an upgrade at your agency it would most likely cost you tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars if you could even find the people to do it.  Here, all you have to do is go to sleep on Friday night and wake up on Saturday morning.

:: Justin ::