Screenshot of mobile apps dashboard

If (as you should be) you have been eagerly reading our 2013.2 Release Notes and even trying out the Beta Release, you may have noticed that there aren’t too many mentions of our new mobile apps that I have been previewing.

That’s because we have decided to rework the way we are presenting them to you and making sure that they will be just as awesome as we can possibly make them.

The major change in our implementation is that we are rolling all three of the Android applications (Password Reset, Mobile ISP Data, and MAR) into one.  It was looking like a usability nightmare to have you log into three different apps to complete different functions.  This way you will log in once and be able to complete whatever you have permissions for.

Our goal is to have them out a month or so after our big Summer Release.

I have also been asked a lot why we are only bringing the applications out on Android and not iOS.  There are a number of reasons, here are a couple:

  • The biggest is that this is our development style, get something out there and being used before doing too much development so you can see what changes need to be made.  This works on the philosophy of “the best way to design software is to build it”.  As such it doesn’t make sense to build it twice knowing that there will be so many changes coming up.
  • These apps are aimed at Direct Support Professionals, we believe that more DSPs have Android devices than iOS ones.

So, the best thing you can do to advance the possibility of them appearing in other formats (Blackberry or Windows anyone?) is to use the Android versions and show how well they work.

More previews coming soon.

:: Justin ::