Therap 2014.1 Released!

We are happy to announce that that Version 2014.1 of Therap applications has been released!

To learn more about the new features and enhancements included in this release, please view Release 2014.1 User Guides
We look forward to your comments and suggestions regarding the features introduced in Therap 2014.1, please feel free to write to us .

Individual Data Form

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  • The attachment of Individual’s photo has come under ‘Identification Data’ section of the Individual Data form. Now when the users would download the PDF version of the Individual Data form and Emergency Data form, the Individual’s photo would be shown on the first page. 


Custom Field

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The following changes will take place with this release for already created custom fields:

  1. Custom fields of data type ‘Text’ can be changed to ‘Long Text’ only. 

  2. ‘Field Length’ cannot be reduced. 



Health Tracking

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  • When Excel Files are generated for the Health Tracking modules (Blood Glucose, Height/Weight, Appointments, etc.), user activity is shown in Activity Tracking. 

  • The ‘Delete’ button is added for the convenience of users which helps users to remove Health Care Reports which is no longer required. Users assigned with the ‘Health Care Report’ role are able to delete saved Health Care Reports. 

    Screenshot of the Health Care Report 

  • Generic names are now available in the Vaccine list in addition to the Product/Generic names of the vaccines. When users select only the generic name from the vaccine list, it will allow them to enter the manufacturer names manually into the system. 

    Screenshot displaying the vaccine list 

Individual Support Plan

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Lookup Shared Contact in Professional Services
  • To look up shared contacts in the Professional Services section, users can filter by shared contact NameResponsible Organization and Contact Type

    filter shared contact
Add Service Provider to Service Supports
  • Users can also narrow down the list of service providers before adding them to the Service Supports section by specifying the service provider Name andProvider Code

    filter service provider
Link ISP Program to Action Plan
  • When linking ISP Programs to the Action Plan, users can filter by ISP Program Name and Program Name before selecting the ISP Program from a list. 

    filter ISP Program

Document Storage

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The maximum file size to be uploaded at a time cannot exceed 10 MB and has been increased from 3 MB.

Individual History

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More descriptive texts can now be included in the Description text box area of Social History as their have character limit has been increased from 1000 characters to 3,000 characters. 

Screenshot of the Social History page of the Individual 


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Three new types of event: Fall Without InjuryOut of Home Placement and Threatening Behavior has been added to the GER Other event.

screenshot of new event type in other event

Service Directory

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  • Description of frequency can be added while defining Service Rate of a Service in Service Directory using the new Frequency Description field. This information will appear under the Rate Type drop-down of the Service Authorization of an Individual’s Budget. 

Individual Budgeting

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  • Funding Level and ICAP Score can now be specified while defining IBA of an Individual. These information will also appear in the IBA List and Budget of an Individual. 


  • The Amount field while adding Funding Component to an IBA Worksheet will now accept 11 digits. Previously users could specify 10 digits in the Amountfield. 

Updates for Activity Tracking

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  • With this release users will need to enter the full Form ID instead of partial Form ID in the Form ID field on the Activity Tracking Search page. 

    Activity Tracking screenshot 

    The date range for any search parameters (including search by Form ID) must be within 1 month.
  • With this release, in the Date Range field (From-To), by default a date range of 1 week will be shown. 

    Activity Tracking date range screenshot

Beta removal

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The “Beta” sign is no longer displayed beside any module names.

For Users of North Dakota


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  • A new Standard column has been added to the Support Needs Profile section of the SIS Assessment of an Individual. 


  • The SIS Assessment form of an Individual will now display the total raw score of Home LivingCommunity Living and Health and Safety fields in theTotal Raw Score for A, B and E field.