Therap 2014.4 Released!

Version 2014.4 of Therap Applications has been released!

To learn more about the new features and enhancements included in this release, please view Release 2014.4 User Guides. 

We look forward to your comments and suggestions regarding the features introduced in Therap 2014.4, please feel free to write to us.

  • Billing module specific Updates
    • Institutional Claim
    • Patient Responsibility Amount ($) field
    • Service Authorization
    • Leave Rule (ICF Billing)
  • For Users in New York
    • Daily Supervised IRA Settings
  • ISP Report
  • For Users in Arkansas
    • Inactive Record Form (IRF)
    • IDF Extension
  • For Users in North Dakota
    • Overall Service Plan (OSP)
    • Individual Family Service Plan (IFSP)
    • Person Centered Service Plan (PCSP)
  • T-log module specific Update

Billing module specific Updates

Institutional Claim

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  • Rate Code and Rate Value columns added to Service Lines section on the Institutional Claim form. 

Patient Responsibility Amount ($) field

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  • The Patient Responsibility Amount ($) field displayed on Claim forms and Service forms will be blank by default. Previously a ‘0.00’ value was displayed by default on the ‘Patient Responsibility Amount ($)’ field. 

Service Authorization

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  • Apply once in a month option added for Patient Responsibility Amount ($) field on the Service form. If this field is selected by users, then the patient responsibility amount will be applied only one time per month on Claim forms. 

Leave Rule (ICF Billing)

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  • This release will change the look and feel of the Leave Rule set up page. The new Leave Rule page is more detailed and comprehensive. 
  • A new option Group Per Revenue Code option has been added for Billing Data Grouping Type on the Leave Rule page for ICF Billing. 
  • In addition to these, a Note has been added for each of the options for ‘Rate Source’, ‘Billing Data Grouping Type’, and ‘Billing for Non Covered Days’ that provides a brief description of the items to select from. 


  • For ICF Billing, Bill Data can be generated for Service Authorization starting from the middle of the month.

For Users in New York

Daily Supervised IRA Settings

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  • A note has been added on the Daily Supervised IRA Settings page for the Users in New York to guide them to set up correctly in the system. This will reduce the chance of errors and proper data can be generated. Also, the column for Rate Code and Rate Value has been swapped in the Daily Supervised IRA Settings for the Users in New York. The default value of the Rate Code field will be 24. 


    • For Daily Supervised IRA, Attendance data that has been Submitted for Billing can be changed back to In Prep if No billing data was generated for that particular day. 


    • At the bottom of the Attendance Data Update page, users can click on the Reset Status to In Prep button to change the status of the Attendance Data that was Submitted for Billing to In Prep


    • The Attendance Grid will then display that Attendance Data in In Prep status. 


    • Once you click on the In Prep Attendance Data, a System Message on the top of the Attendance Data Update page will display that the status of this particular Attendance Data was changed to In Prep from Submitted for Billing


  • In order to show P,T, or R for presence status in Supervised IRA Hab Checklist Report, Option Name in Attendance type must contain the words Present,Therapeutic or Retainer respectively. Previously it was restricted to Present, Therapeutic Leave and Retainer day. 

    To generate Hab Checklist report for Supervised IRA Res Hab, Attendance Option Code and Name must be configured as follows:

    P Present (Must have the word ‘Present’)
    T Therapeutic Leave (Must have the word ‘Therapeutic’)
    R Retainer Day (Must have the word ‘Retainer’)

ISP Report

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  • In the ISP clinician report, ISP data will be sorted according to begin time. Previously, it was sorted according to date only. 


For Users in Arkansas

Inactive Record Form (IRF)

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  • Users with the ‘Individual’ administrative role will be able to access Inactive Record Forms (IRF) under the Admin tab on the Dashboard. The records of the Inactive Individuals are entered in the ‘Inactive Record Form’ in the system. 


  • The Inactive Re
    cord Form
     appears in a read only mode and users can only view the form. The fields in the ‘Inactive Record Form’ are similar to the IDF Extension form of Arkansas. 

IDF Extension

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  • New fields Sub Disablility1Sub Disablility2 and Case Management Only have been added in the IDF Extension form. 


  • The drop down menu in the IDF Extension form has been sorted alphabetically. Also Code and Description have been added for the options to select from in the drop down menu for DDS StatusCMS StatusDDS Caseload Status and Reason Closed


  • The Search page has been renamed as Search IDF Extension

For Users in North Dakota

Overall Service Plan (OSP)

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  • A new section Waiver & Level of Care Check has been added in all types of OSP. This will determine whether an Individual is receiving waiver services or not. 


  • If you select Yes, the Acknowledgement section will appear where you would need to select both the options to approve the OSP. ‘Waiver & Level of Care Check’ and ‘Acknowledgement’ sections will also appear in the PDF of OSP. 

Individual Family Service Plan (IFSP)

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  • Copy Button has been added in Active IFSP. User can copy the full from and edit it. 

Person Centered Service Plan (PCSP)

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  • Copy Button has been added in Active PCSP. User can copy the full from and edit it. 


T-log module specific Update

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  • With this release, a ‘Back’ Button has been added to T-log view form.