In just a few hours, we’ll be taking Therap down to start the process of giving you our next release.

If you haven’t yet, you need to check out the following resources:

  • View Release Notes for 2015.0.0
  • View Release 2015.0.0 User Guides
  • Learn about Individual Based Caseloads 2015.0.0
  • Learn about Individual Based Caseloads 2015.0.0 migration rules

If you have been practicing in some of our alternate contexts (see below), you should be aware that we will be refreshing beta and IBbilling-test at the same time we doing the upgrade.

We are going to keep demo running the current version of Therap so that if you need to compare caseloads after the release, you will be able to do so

:: Justin ::

– Live Data, Live System

– Copy of data, Current pre-release software

– Copy of data, 2015.0.0 software

IB-Billing Test
– Copy of data, 2015.0.0 software, configured for Nebraska
– Date set forward one month