2016_1 Pharmacy Interface

As I will keep reminding you, this is a very significant release this weekend.

I would strongly encourage you to check it out at our beta site: https://beta.therapservices.net.

If you haven’t used beta before, it works like this:  We take a copy of the database and put it on another server in our secure data centre.  We then load the new software (Therap 2016.1) and run the migration on the database to make it match the new software.  This means that you can go and look at the next version of Therap running on a copy of your data.  When you log in (with your usual credentials) you will see a warning and a red border.  This is so you don’t get confused between beta and production.  Any changes made in beta won’t be reflected in production.

You can find a quick guide to the changes by clicking here.  Please review this and post it everywhere!


As always, any questions, please get in touch