Up until now, notifications were only available for Incident Reports. With Therap 6.0, they will be available for just about everything (Including Health Tracking as shown in the screenshot – click on the picture for a larger version).

Notifications mean that you can choose what even and what notification level you want to be informed about. You can choose to receive your notifications by numeric pager, text pager (or cell phone text message), or one of two email addresses.

You can even choose to receive different kinds of notifications in different places. So you might choose to get an email about low priority Behavior Events, but a text message about a high priority seizure. Text Messages seem to come through less than 30 seconds after a report is submitted.

Another nice new feature is that if you work in multiple programs (or caseloads in 6.0) then you can apply a set of notification rules to multiple programs at once.

As always, if you have any questions or suggestions, please get in touch.

— Justin