One of the major enhancements in Therap 6.0 will be General Event Reporting (GER).

General Events will take the place of Incident Reports, Medication Error Reports and will add additional flexibility and functionality.

Therap Incident Reports are now about three years old (which in web-years is ancient!). In that time we have learned a lot about how events are reported and what different providers and states are looking for in terms of data to be collected and follow up to be documented.

GER works on the basis that every event has some common data: person, place and
time. This is collected and then multiple events can be attached and then followed up on.

The screenshot here shows that first screen, over the coming days I will go through the various events that can be reported. After that we’ll take a look at the follow up and notification options. Finally, we’ll take a look at the ability to generate state specific forms from all this data.

Be sure to share your thoughts.

— Justin