Therap’s internal, HIPAA compliant messaging system, Secure Communications is going through some changes for release 6.0.

As you can see from the screenshot (click on the image for a larger version) we now have a new all-in-one compose screen to make sending messages quicker and easier.

We have also added the capability (as requested by our customers) to create custom groups for sending messages to. So, if you have a group of staff that are not covered by one caseload (more about caseloads another time!), program, or Super Role. You can create and save your own mailing list.

The internal attachment option has been expanded so that you can attach just about any Therap form to an SComm message. As a result if this, you will see a lot more “Send via SComm” buttons in the other Therap applications.

Finally, we have now added SComm to Test FirstPage so that you and your staff can learn to use the application without filling up your “real” inbox.

— Justin