We have just released an upgrade to our application, Release 6.2. Following are the changes available in this release:

Session Expiry

When a session is about to expire (there has been no recorded activity for a length of time), you will now get a warning 5 minutes prior to getting logged off. This feature has been added to the application based on feedback from our users and we hope you will find it helpful.

General Event Reports

  • You will now see the ‘Event Type’ option in the General Event Reports (GER) Search page. This will allow you to search for GERs of any particular event type.
  • The NY 147(A) form has been added as a state jurisdiction form for providers in New York.
  • There is now an ‘Additional Comment’ text field in the OMR 147 (I) form. This will help to keep record of miscellaneous information.
  • If a GER is now returned to submitter, the name of the person who has returned the form will be shown at the top of the GER form.
  • The Medication Error section in GER now allows the option of selecting multiple ‘Person(s) Responsible’. Also the ‘Medication: As Given’ section is no longer required for Transcription Omission.

Individual Data Form

  • Individual Data Form (IDF) now allows more information such as Medicare Part D details, Marital Status, Adaptive Level, Mealtime Status, Food Texture, Toileting Status and Bathing Status.
  • IDFs also have the ‘Returned By’ field on top of the form when it is returned to the submitter before approval.

Individual Service Plan

  • When updating an Individual Service Plan (ISP), the program name appears in editable format. Thus it is now possible to change the program name after the ISP is approved.

Management Summaries

  • You may now go to the Detailed Search Result page from the ‘List By Program’ option in Event Summaries.

Secure Communications

  • The Filter option in Secure Communications (SComm) lists now includes the sender’s name. Messages in Inbox, Sent Items, Drafts or other folders can be searched using the first or last name of the sender.
  • You may now see when your SComm message was read by the recipient by looking at the date and time on the ‘Reader’s List’. Messages in your Sent Items folder have the Reader’s List in the header of the message (just below the Summary).


  • If a T-Log is created with no description in the ‘Entry’ field, the system will now give a warning message to make sure that the text field has not been left blank accidentally.

Training Management System

  • Training Administrators can now limit the maximum number of training users attending a training session.
  • Training Administrators can generate Reports on ‘Training Hours’ and search for staff or training classes, to see details of ongoing and/or completed training classes.
  • Training Class List now allows ‘Export to Excel’ of the list of classes with detailed information on each class.
  • In the Training Session List page, sessions belonging to the same class are highlighted in similar colors. This makes it easier to identify which sessions belong to which class.
  • In order to ‘Publish Results’, an instructor can now view the sessions in two separate categories: an instructor can either view session details for all sessions, or for only those sessions where users have signed up.

Billing System

  • A new section has been added for Billing Providers to keep ‘Additional Contact Information’.
  • Billing Data now allows entry of decimal numbers for Billable and Non-Billable units.
  • Incomplete or unacceptable claims may now be sent to the Provider Administrator by using the ‘Send report via SComm’ button. This is to ensure that if any error occurs, a user can communicate with the appropriate person.

Provider Administration

  • Provider Administrators are now able to select specific caseloads when generating Staff Reports.
  • The 10 minute delay in user activation has been removed. When a new user is created or user privileges are updated, the changes are reflected in the user login immediately.

Please let us know if these enhancements are helpful. You may contact us by sending email to support@TherapServices.net. You may also click the < > link on any Therap page with your questions, concerns or suggestions