We plan on having the Beta release of Therap 7.0 available to existing Therap customers early next week (hopefully Sunday or Monday).

This will give existing Therap customers a chance to test the upcoming Therap release and the data migration to the new system.

You’ll be able to try out:

  • Enhanced ISP (ISP+, Templates, new reports)
  • Enhanced Calendar
  • Staff Scheduling
  • Supported Employment Tracking
  • Attendance Tracking
  • T-Notes
  • Updates to many modules

The way it works is something like this:

  • We’ll take a copy of the database over the weekend and copy it over to the format required for 7.0
  • We’ll then post the application at a location where you can login using your existing login name, password, and provider code.
  • Some of the new features that are just changes you will notice right away
  • To access other new features and applications you will need to log in as a Provider Administrator and update your Super Roles.
  • Please feel free to share the Beta release with your staff and colleagues

Remember that any changes you make to data in the Beta Release will not be carried forward into the Therap 7.0 production release.

We would appreciate any and all comments that you can give us about the release and the way the existing data carried forward into it. The easiest way to send us comments is to hit the feedback link, but if you’d rather send an email that’s fine too.

Remember, to save yourself having to type your email address every time you send a feedback, just enter it into your user profile (Click the My Profile link under My Account on FirstPage).

We’ll also be sending around a number of QuickGuides to help introduce you to Therap 7.0, but if you would like to schedule a demonstration or walk-through, please get in touch.

Thanks in anticipation of you involvement, it really helps make Therap better quicker.

Look for more information here as to when the release is available.

:: Justin ::