As many of you may know, we see the future of Therap Individual Supports (and even into other applications) as being built around the Individual Plan (more about the Grand Plan as we go along). As with everything in Therap our approach is an incremental one.

Step one is to recode and enhance the existing ISP module (hence “ISP+”) so that there is a firm foundation to build the new individual plan. Although a lot of what you see in ISP+ may look remarkably similar to the existing ISP, it is in fact full of all shiny new code!

Here’s a quick look through what’s new in ISP+

The ISP Template Library

This will allow you to create reusable ISP Programs that can then be applied to specific individual’s and then personalized. The ISP Template Library has been designed to allow for a collaborative process of creating and updating new strategies.

New Scoring Methods

There are two significant new scoring methods. These are “count” and “custom scoring”. Count allows the user to enter a number and then when it comes to report time, these numbers will be added up. Custom Scoring is very cool, it allows you to define up to 10 labels for your staff to use when scoring.

Multiple (saved) Reports

Reporting takes a huge leap forward with ISP+.  You can now choose to report on multiple ISP Programs at once.  These reports can then be printed, exported to Excel, exported to PDF, or even saved!  When you save a report, you (or someone else with rights) can come back and see it at any time later.

Other Stuff

Editing tasks and strategies is now much easier and the data collection screens have been improved.  I’m sure there is more I have forgotten, but I’ll remember that when I get to start playing with 7.0 myself.  For now, you’ll have to satisfy yourself with all my screenshots.

:: Justin ::