Link to Therap

If everything goes according to plan (and that can be a fairly big “if”) we will see the latest in our series of iterative releases coming out this weekend (April 4th).

There are significantly exciting things in this release.  None more so than the introduction of phase 1 of COIS (Cross Organizational Information Sharing).  This means that in a week or so, your staff (those ones that you choose) will be able to Individual Care SComms to staff at other agencies (the staff that they choose who also support the same individual).

This is a huge step forward for Therap, the developmental disability community and electronic health information.  I’ll be talking much more about it in the days ahead.

You’ll see a bunch of attendance and billing enhancements as we move towards the complete billing solution that ensures nothing that you claim for can be rejected.

We have some cool enhancements to Custom Forms which make each one have the ability to appear like its own module.

More enhancements to ISP Plans (especially at the end of year stage).

and a few more bits and bobs that you will find on the Release Notes when they come out later this week.

:: Justin ::