Therap is happy to bring to you Version 8.10 of Therap Applications. With this release being  made on April 04, 2010, the following enhancements have been added to the system:

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  • Cross Organization Information Sharing (COIS)
  • Attendance
  • Billing
  • Custom Form Templates
  • Health Tracking – Consultation Form
  • Individualized Plan of Protective Oversight and Safeguards (IPOP)
  • ISP Plan
  • ISP Program and Super Role
  • ISP Report
  • Issue-Tracker
  • Medication Administration Records (MAR)
Cross Organization Information Sharing (COIS)

Secure Communication messages about an individual can now be exchanged by multiple provider agencies using Cross Organization Information Sharing (COIS). This new feature will give users the ability to safely, securely, and with complete control share Protected Health Information between multiple agencies supporting the same person. Users will have complete control over which staff at an agency are allowed to share information with other providers and they will be able to decide who can receive it. Therap will ensure that only staff working with the same individual can communicate. For further details, click here..


1) Users can now enter Time In/Out information in Attendance Data upto 10 times per day.
2) Attendance data can be updated after generating Billing Data. Users will need to add a comment when updating an Attendance Data in ‘Submitted for Billing’ Status.
3) A new field called ‘Bundle Code’ has been added in Bundling Rule of Attendance Type.

4) A new Excel report called ‘Daily Bundle Report’ has been added in Attendance. This report will be available if Daily Bundling rule has been used when creating Attendance Type.


1) Users will now need to enter comment when updating a Billing Data if it was generated from Attendance.
2) Users can now select more than one Service in Institutional Claim Template.
3)Revenue Code, Rate Code and Locator Code has been added to the ‘Service Description Code’ form. These values will be copied to the ‘Services’ form when creating Service Authorization.

4)A new field called ‘Medicare Assignment Code’ has been added to the ‘Institutional Claim’ form.
5) Unclaimed Report has been added for ‘Institutional Claim’ form.
6) Users now can copy and create a new ‘Service Authorization’ form for the same Individual
7) Users can now download or print a PDF version of the ‘Service Authorization’ Form

Custom Form Templates

Custom Form Templates that are imported by the user, now appears on the DashBoard and FirstPage as module boxes with their own ‘New’, ‘Worklist’, ‘Acknowledge’, ‘Search’.

Health Tracking – Consultation Form

Placement of the ‘Followup Appointment?’ field on the ‘Consultation Form’ has been changed. It is now placed just above the ‘Physician’s Signature’ field.

Individualized Plan of Protective Oversight and Safeguards (IPOP)

Users will now be able to attach or scan their documents to their IPOP forms.

ISP Plan

1) A second ISP Plan in either Draft or Pending Approval status is allowed in the system even if the user has an Approved ISP Plan.

2) An additional ‘Comment’ field has been added next to ‘Effective Date’ field in ‘Services’ section.

3) For ‘Organization’ type shared contacts, the name of the ‘Organization’ will be shown in ISP Plan instead of first name/ last name.

4) Users will now have an option to generate a PDF version of an ISP Plan excluding the ‘Reason For Update’ comments.

ISP Program and Super Role

ISP Program related Roles have been renamed and rearranged for consistency and better usability.

ISP Report

After saving an ISP Report, the next page will show a convenient link; ‘Open the ISP Program for this report’ from where the ISP Program can be opened.


1) ‘Prev’ or ‘Next’ links are available at the bottom of the ‘View Issue’ page for navigating through the issue list. Therefore, a user will no longer have to return to the issue list to view preceding or subsequent issues.

2) A ‘Close Window’ button has been added to the bottom of the ‘View Issue’ page.

3) Users will be able to view the status of issues in the ‘Status’ column on the Feedback list.

Medication Administration Records (MAR)

1) ‘Bulk Data Entry’ section has been added to the MAR for LOA record types. Users will now be able to enter bulk data for several medications, over a specific date range and time when an individual is absent.

2) T-Notes added in MAR has also been enhanced.