if you, like me are really excited about being able to communicate with other agencies that support the same people as you, here’s a quick look at how you’ll do it:

Setting Up COIS:

To share information regarding an individual, the
Provider Administrator of an agency will at first need to contact
Therap, requesting Cross Organization Information Sharing (COIS) to be
enabled for their agency. The Provider Administrator would also need to
send the names of the Providers/Agencies they would like to share
information with. Therap will then enable COIS for the agency
accordingly.  This should be done by a Provider Administrator (from their -adm) account sending in a request from “My Issues”

To share information regarding a particular individual, the Provider
Administrator will need to follow the steps below:

1) Click on the ‘Share Individual’ link available in the Cross
Provider Options area of your FirstPage/Dashboard.

Screenshot of Cross Provider Options Screenshot of Cross Organization Information Sharing (COIS)

2) On the ‘Request Individual Sharing’ page, type in the name of the
individual for whom you wish to share information and the name of the
Provider/Agency he/she is enrolled in. A dropdown menu will
automatically appear with Individual names and Provider/Agency names
that you had requested to share information with.

Emoticon of Warning Note:

You will only be able to select from the Provider names that you had
requested Therap to add for Cross Organization Information Sharing.

Screenshot of Request Individual Sharing

3) Click on the ‘Send Request to Therap’ button, to send in your

Emoticon of Warning Note:

The Provider Administrator from the particular agency you wish to
share information with, is also required to go through these steps and
send Therap a request to enable information sharing for the particular

Sharing Information:

Users who have the ‘Cross Provider SComm’ option enabled,
will be able to share information specific to an individual, with users
in another agency. Provider Administrators can enable this option for a
user from their ‘User Profile’.

Screenshot of User Profile

Once this option is enabled, users with find a fourth SComm message
type, named ‘Cross Provider’ which will allow users to send SComm
messages with information regarding a particular individual.

Clicking on the ‘Cross Provider’ option, will take you to the Compose
page, from where you can select the desired recipient and send the
Individual specific information by clicking on the ‘Send Message’

Emoticon of Warning Note
Recipient List will display only the names of the users in the other
agency, who have ‘Cross Provider SComm’ option enabled.

Screenshot of SComm Compase page displaying from where can select the desired recipient

You will then receive a success message displaying the names of the

Screenshot of Success Message with the names of the recipients

Any questions, just let me know.

Look for more as the week goes by.

:: Justin ::