Yesterday we released Therap 8.8.

Make sure that you read the Release Notes to see how the release will impact you:


  • Users can now get Unclaimed Report in Excel format which contains the total number of Billing Data that are not attached in Professional Claim.
  • The FirstPage and Dashboard links for Billing and Attendance modules have now been enhanced.
    Screenshot of Billing module Screenshot of Attendance module


  • Added Funding Source name and address in Attendance Statistics Report.
General Event Reports (GER)

  • The ‘Notification’ section has now been separated from the ‘General Information’ section of the GER, to improve its visibilty for users.

Screenshot of GER highlighting Notification section

  • GER Reviewers can now add or edit the ‘Corrective Actions Taken’ and ‘Plan of Corrective Actions Taken’ fields.
  • The lists for GER (Worklist, Review, Approve, Follow-up) as well as T-logs (View List) can now be exported to Excel.
Secure Communications (SComm)

The pop up notifications displayed when a new SComm message is received can now be configured (on or off) according to a user’s preference. This can be done from the SComm settings page.

Screenshot of SComm highlighting New Message Pop-up Alert field


  • The PDF version of the ISP Program now has a signature sheet added to it.

Screenshot of ISP highlighting Display PDF(with Signature Sheet) option

Health Tracking

  • A new ‘Oxygen Saturation’ field has been added to the ‘Vital Signs’ forms and all associated reports.

Screenshot of  Health Tracking highlighting Vital Signs Information section


Therap Live Help: We have added a significant enhancement called LiveLOOK to the Therap Live Help system to provide even better customer support. With this new enhancement, now we will be able to do instant screen sharing and co browsing with our users and provide faster interactive support.

Please note that liveLOOK services will generally be available for Live Help users from 9:00 a.m. EDT to 5:00 p.m. EDT.

Provider Preference section: An enhanced ‘Jump To’ section has been added to the Provider Preference section.

Screenshot of  Provider Preference highlighting Jump To section

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