In our 8.0 release, Sazzad and his team have worked yet more wonders in our ISP module.

The time is is adding even more flexibility and functionality to the reports:

ISP Report Criteria 8_0 by you.

As you can see, there are a bunch of new options:

  • You can now produce your reports based either on percentages as before (eg 50% Independence), or on a count of trials (eg Completed Independently 5 times), or both.
  • You have the option to include or not the comparison with baselines and previous periods
  • Where you have discontinued a plan and linked a new one (see below) you can get all these in one report

Often times folks will change the way they are running a particular ISP Program and so need to discontinue it and start a new one. We will now have a handy new “DC and Copy” feature allowing you to do this very easily and then as shown above, link them together for reporting.

ISP DC and COPY 8_0 by you.

Next time (or some time soon) I’ll show you about linking ISPs and Billing and about enhancements to ISP Plans

:: Justin ::