In Release 8.1 we will be combining the custom forms we’ve been experimenting with and the ISP Template Global Library. 

Yesterday i got a quick glimpse and it works something like this.

When you need a new custom form (think of things like the IPOP that need on of per individual) you request it, and we here (Therap Admin) will create the form.  We now have a lot of flexibility in doing that including bringing in pieces of your existing data:

Start with a blank page
Screenshot of 'Therap Custom Form Designer' page

Then start adding things:
Screenshot of Insert Appropriate Date field of Therap Custom form Designer page

Including things like IDF Fields

screenshot of inserting Appropriate Data for IDF data

Or Medication History
screenshot of inserting Appropriate Data for Medication History

Or your own ones:
screenshot of selecting A Component

Then when the form is ready it can be previewed and published:

Screenshot of the complete form for preview and publish

Now (if you have the appropriate privileges) you can go and grab the form from the global library, and set it up for use at your agency:

Screenshot showing 'Global Template Library'section on Firstpage

So that your staff can work in the form much like they would an IPOP:

Screenshot showing 'Therap Custom Forms'section on Firstpage

Screenshot showing 'Risk Tracking Form for CT' page

Screenshot showing 'Risk Tracking Form for CT' page

Pretty cool stuff!

Let me know what you think.

:: Justin ::