This weekend we will be releasing Therap 8.3! One thing you will notice of the next few months is that rather than building towards a massive release for 3-6 months, we are going to be doing a number of smaller, iterative releases.  Our goal here is to bring you the functionality that you require as soon as we can while maintaining and improving system stability and availability.

In “Software as a Service” this is always a challenge and one of the fun things about being part of Therap is that we are continually working to adapt ourselves to best meet the challenges that we faces and that our customers face.

Here’s a few of the things that you will see on Sunday:

Deactivating Programs: (Rapturous applause from the galleries).  This is going to make many people very happy.  Basically the ability to hide old programs you no longer use.

Screenshot of Program List

Agency Specific Splash Pages: You will now have the ability to make up a splash page just for your staff.  This also includes us trying out some rich text tools.

Screenshot of Provider Perference
Screenshot of Upload Splash Message field to write Message

Creating Valued Outcomes from Hab Plans: For our friends in New York this is very, very cool and creates the real world flexibility that is required to work with valued outcomes between Hab Plans and ISP Plans.

Screenshot of Valued Outcomes page

Screenshot of 'The Person's Valued Outcomes'

You may also have noticed that the Safeguards textbox is now up to 30,000 characters.

There are a bunch of other things I will get into later

:: Justin ::