Graphic showing Therap 9.1 Coming Soon

Therap 9.1 is on its way (there is rather a lot of frustrating downtime right now, but that is because we are doing an awful lot of work under the hood).

Many users won’t see too many changes: IDFs are simpler, we have our new Allergy Profile leading to drug cautions and interactions in the MAR and rehabs like WhiteSands outpatient rehab, and a few more tweaks in billing.

Provider Administrators will see a bunch of new things, primarily in the new privilege screen, and the new process for adding individuals.

The biggest changes take place in State and Multi-Provider accounts.  All that work going on under the hood is to allow us to have individuals supported by many providers and the state and work with that as one individual.

This has been a huge undertaking and I am really excited about the possibilities it opens for us (wait until you see our new, multi-provider annual plans in North Dakota!).

When State and Multi-Provider Administrators open up their new accounts, they will see numbers of new options.  One of these is the ability to go in and link individuals (that is to say that an individual in different providers is in fact the same person).  We are asking our Oversight Agency Administrators not to start this process yet.  Once we have completed the release we will be running a few script and generating some reports which we will send to you.  These will identify the individuals that we can match and automatically and those we need some manual intervention on.  We’ll be in touch shortly with those reports.  If you have any questions, please let us know.

As soon as we get the release published I will be recording a webinar showing you how to use the new Oversight account (I want to make sure I am showing off all of the latest features, some of which weren’t available in beta.

More updates as the release progresses.

:: Justin ::


9:21am Eastern Things are looking good so far.  We have the system deployed, now we just have to do some testing to make sure that everything is in order.

11:47am Eastern We’ve found a couple of things that we’re not quite happy with so we’re going to put the go-live time back to 2pm Eastern.  Sorry for the extra delay, but we want to be as sure as we can.

1:55pm Eastern And we’re back, welcome to Therap 9.1!