Today we have posted the draft Release Notes for Therap 9.1.

There is a lot of information in there, please be sure to read through them.

I will also be scheduling some webinars in order to give you a guided tour later this week.

Our current release schedule is as follows:

On July 10th we will release a beta version of Therap 9.1.  This will be a copy of the current database that will allow you to test out the new functionality on data that you recognise.  It is important to recognise though that any changes made in this beta context are not transferred to the live database.

On July 17th we will release Therap 9.1.  It is as of the 17th that you need to make sure that any of your IDFs are not in an Updating status (all your IDFs should be wither In-Prep or Approved )

If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know

:: Justin ::