Coming to work for Therap (was it really less than two months ago?) has been a real joy. I work with great (and wickedly smart) people, get to meet more great people in all our customers and the people they support, having a feeling that I am doing some good in the world, and am constantly challenged to think harder and achieve more.

Even my own 10 year old son Calum is getting in on the act. Always interested in what Dad is up to these days, the following was found on his desk recently:

Write write write away
You fill out reports all day
Sweat sweat sweat all day
The pain is real and is to stay
Ouch ouch ouch that really hurt
Writing cramps are real, the worst
Until now!
Write write write
Sweat sweat sweat
Ouch –
If this is
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-By Calum Brockie

– Justin