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Many, if not all of you, have heard about the “Heartbleed bug“. First and foremost, the website and service provided to you via “secure.therapservices.net” was not and is not affected by this issue. The version of OpenSSL (the offending program) that we use is not on the list of affected instances. We are continuing to communicate with our suppliers, and will act rapidly if there are any changes in the situation that do affect Therap.
Some points to make about the situation:
– Even if a site is noted as ‘vulnerable’, it does not mean that the data at that site was immediately compromised. 
– By vendor or website, you should obtain instructions on how to progress regarding the changing of your password, and possibly other security-relevant information (such as your ‘security questions’, etc)
– If one of the websites you use for other services has been compromised, and you use the same password for Therap, it is recommended that you change your password immediately as a precautionary measure.
If you have any concerns about your Therap service, please feel free to contact Customer Support.
:: Justin ::