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As I travel around the country (and for that matter, Canada) I am often asked what it is that makes Therap better than other systems that are out there or why an agency or state shouldn’t just build their own system.

The answer to the second question is easy.  Just talk to anyone who has done it.  It is very hard to keep a system up to date with current technology and regulations.  You also have to contend with meeting all the HIPAA/ARRA/HITECH security and disclosure regulations, not to mention electronic signatures.  Finally, what do you do when your programmer leaves?  On the other hand you could have access to Therap’s entire team of programmers, tester, designers, graphic artists, and support staff.  Not that hard a choice really, and we haven’t even talked about cost.

When it comes to comparing our system to other systems that are out there, the biggest difference is usually that our system actually addresses real word issues and functionality.  That is because we are based on collecting data at the point of service and data entry is done by the person collecting the data.  As I often say, everything that your agency does is based on the interaction between one of your staff and a person with disabilities.  If that staff member writes something on a piece of paper and gives the paper to someone else to enter data into a computer you are losing time, money, accuracy, and effectiveness.

There are of course many other reasons why we are the national leader in documentation and communication services for the Developmental Disability community.  These include:

  • In 2003 we saw the future as being cloud based computing, and we continue to be at the forefront of technology – look out for location aware mobile applications in the not too distant future.
  • We have the best support out there and it is available to your whole agency.
  • We give you the ability to involve the person’s whole circle of support including families and self advocates by giving direct, secure access to data.
  • Rapid iteration and development to meet an ever changing regulatory and business environment.
  • Electronic MARs, live drug database, direct electronic Medicaid billing, Health Information Exchange integration, X12n and HL7 functionality and so much more.
  • Being mandated for use in three states (with more to come) we have direct access to upcoming federal issues and facilitate communication between states and providers.
  • With more than 40,000 users in over 40 states and provinces we have worked in almost every regulatory environment and support structure out there.
  • With local staff, user groups, conference, and state specific forms and process we can assure local compliance.
  • People actually like using Therap (Do you love your software?  If not, you should try us!) 

These and many more reasons have been bringing people to Therap in ever increasing numbers over the years, but this weekend will see the game change completely.

Link to Therap

This weekend we are releasing Therap 8.10 which will include (along with a number of other updates) Phase One of what we are calling COIS: Cross Organizational Information Sharing.

This will give you the ability to safely, securely, and with complete control share Protected Health Information between multiple agencies supporting the same person.  You will have complete control over which staff at your agency are allowed to share information with other providers and they will be able to decide who can receive it.  Therap will ensure that only staff working with the same individual can communicate.

This is something that we have been working on since the dawn of Therap and have actually gone through a number of trial implementations before reaching this point.  There are a number of huge obstacles to overcome in terms of a design that will meet HIPAA, employment law, and privacy requirements and we believe that we have nailed it.

Imagine a world where you can communicate and share data across all the settings that support a person seamlessly.

That is why you should choose Therap.  If you already have, congratulations on backing the winner.

:: Justin ::