We have started to put together our list of conferences for 2011 and as you can see from the growing list, there are going to be quite a few of them.

People will often ask me which conference they should come to.  My general answer is that you have to come to Fishkill (the Annual Provider Administrator Conference) as this is not an experience that can be duplicated anywhere, and then you should also go to any local conferences near you.  Each conference offers a range of topics and opportunities.  To try and give you a sense of what will be available at each conference, we have come up with this guide.  Check it out and then start signing up.

 :: Justin ::

Upcoming Conferences

Therap National Provider Administrator Conference, Feb 8-10, 2011
Date : Feb 8-10, 2011
Location : Fishkill, New York
Therap Regional Conference in Dover, Delaware April 25-26, 2011
Date : April 25-26, 2011
Location : Sheraton, Delaware
Therap Regional Conference: Focus on National Nurses/Healthcare, in Albuquerque, New Mexico, June 1-2, 2011
Date : June 1-2, 2011
Location : Albuquerque, New Mexico
Side by Side Conference, St Louis, Missouri May 3-5 2011
Date : May 2011
Location : Airport West Earth City
Therap Regional Conference in Bismarck, North Dakota, Jun 21-22, 2011
Date : June 21-22, 2011
Location : Bismarck, North Dakota
Therap Regional Conference in Maryland, DC, Northern Virginia – July 25-26, 2011
Date : July 25-26, 2011
Location : Maryland, DC, Northern Virginia
Therap Regional Conference in Denver, August 3-4, 2011
Date : August 3-4, 2011
Location : Ramada Plaza Denver North