Over the years, I have often thought that Therap would make a great tool for families to track their health and other data in a secure private way. This would especially be the case if a family member had a disability which increased the number of people involved and the amount of health information that needs to be tracked.

I know from my own experience how often I have to produce things like: a medication history, a diagnosis history, a list of doctors and appointments. I also know how tricky it can be to keep a whole circle of support up to date with the latest changes in someone’s life and supports.

All of this information can easily be tracked in Therap. At the moment though, our user interface is built more around the idea of an agency and its staff using the system rather than a family, but we thought rather than guess at what a family would want to see, why not get some families to try out the system as it is and come back to us with recommendations?

We then wondered about where to find families who would understand what we were looking for and be able to jump right in and start using Therap? Well, there are more than 200,000 people out there who are using Therap right now, so that seems like a great place to start!

So, if you are a Therap user and would like to set up an account to use for yourself and/or your family, here’s our offer:

  • Join the Therap for Families Beta Program
  • No charge access to a Therap Account for 3 years
  • Requirements include:
    • Use the account at least monthly
    • Provide feedback on your experience
  • Limitations
    • Up to 5 family members (individuals)
    • Up to 20 Users
    • No linking to other accounts.
  • Available modules:
    • IDF
    • T-Logs
    • SComm
    • Health Tracking
    • MAR
    • Time Tracking
    • ISP Programs/Data
    • Individual Home
    • Individual History
  • Support
    • Set-up via phone/webinar
    • Ongoing via email or weekly open chat/phone hours
  • This offer is available until July 31st, 2014

If you have questions about Therap for Families or would like to sign up for the program, please contact: families@TherapServices.net

:: Justin ::