There are many questions that I get asked repeatedly, pretty high on the list is “When are we getting an iOS App”.  Well, the answer is now “With Therap 2016.0”.  While it won’t be as fully featured as the Android one yet, what we have done is establish an iOS team to work specifically on this.  What you will see first is the foundation which the other modules will be added to over the course of 2016.

Therap for iOS Login

Starting with the new login screen, you’ll notice it is very similar to the Android App.  It does use exactly the same data, but there are places where the look and feel differs a little as we conform to device specific standards.

Therap for iOS Dashboard

As you can see, on our initial dashboard, we have the Password Reset module which will be freely available and the T-Log module which will be available at no additional cost to people who have subscribed to our current Mobile Application package which also includes Android ISP Data (The Mobile MAR comes included with the regular MAR).

Therap for iOS Password Reset

The Password Reset module will allow users with the appropriate Admin Privileges to reset someone’s password and reactivate them.  The T-Log module will allow for the reading, acknowledging and writing of T-Logs in a very similar manner to the upcoming Android update.

Therap for iOS TLog - Create  Therap for iOS TLog - List

This and much more will be coming your way soon.  Watch this space for more details.


:: Justin ::