Have you checked out all the cool stuff on our games page?

Screenshot of 'Therap Games' Page

You can get there by going to Support.TherapServices.net, going to the training menu and choosing Therap Games.

There you will find a whole bunch of scavenger hunts that you can do yourself or run as a training activity.

You’ll also find version 0.0.1 (sounds like an early draft!) of our E-Quiz. Keep an eye on that because I have had a preview aof the next version which is looking really cool.

We really think that games are a very powerful way to train people and are looking at all sorts of exciting ideas for the future. So don’t forget to get involved in the discussion about them over on Therap Ideas.

:: Justin ::

PS I took the screenshot above using FireShot, a free Firefox plugin! You can click on it to see it in all its glory!