Graphic showing CCHIT

One of the features in Therap 2012.0 that I am most excited about is the introduction of Care Plans.  This is part of our ongoing progress towards CCHIT Certification.

As we started the design of this module I took a good look around for a library of Health care Plans or Nursing Care Plans that we could use that were appropriate for our customers.  I failed!  All of the ones I looked at were way too hospital based.

So, in typical Therap (or Little Red Hen) fashion, we decided to do it ourselves.  Our Care Plan module will come with a global library much like the Global ISP Template Library. There will however be a difference.  This time we are going to have plans approved by a panel of nurses before they go in there, so that when you are looking in the library, you know that the plans are of an acceptable standard.

We have been workign with Betsy Finley and the nurses from New Mexico (who work with us on the eCHAT Health Assessment) and are now looking for a few other nurses from around the country would be willing to spend a little time each month reviewing and approving Care Plans to help us build a great library for the Therap Community.

If you are interested, please drop me a note

:: Justin ::