Screen showing Droid Bionic dashboard

I recently upgraded my phone to a Droid Bionic

Apart from being far and above the nicest phone I have ever used (it just does the stuff it should, like if I am driving it asks me if I want to listen to a text message – I say “listen” if I do), it is also my first time using a “4G” device.

speed test

I’m on the Verizon 4g LTE network and the speeds you can get are just incredible.  I’m getting 15Mbps download speeds (as a comparison, the fastest speeds I can get from AT&T at my home on DSL are about 2Mbps).  Given that I can take that and then share it out via wifi with upto 8 devices it have just made a lot of things more portable and possible.

It all goes to add to my conviction that trying guess where technology will be in a few years time is close to impossible, and the chances are that it will move faster than you think.  You can also be sure that we will be keeping an eye on it to work out how you can best take advantage.

:: Justin ::

PS It’s also great for playing Plants v Zombies!

PvZ 3