This morning I had the pleasure of talking to the folks at New York’s OPWDD about their IRMA incident reporting system and being able to take data directly from Therap and upload it into IRMA.

The first version of this which we will have ready as soon as IRMA is ready to receive it will work something like this:

  • Complete General Event Reports in Therap as usual including the OPWDD 147
  • Click a button that downloads a special XML file from Therap
  • Log into IRMA
  • Upload the file to IRMA
  • Receive a report back confirming acceptance

One of the nice things about building this interface is that because we can already generate an OPWDD 147 Incident Report, we have all the data we need already.

Over the coming weeks we will be starting an ongoing series of conference calls to keep you up to date with the progress of this interface.

If you would like to be one of the early trialists, be sure to let Kevin Lightle know.

:: Justin ::