As further proof of Therap’s leadership and innovation in the field, we have been awarded another patent!

US Patent 8,528,056 :: Managing secure sharing of private information across security domains via a communication link, including through the internet, wireless communications, mobile devices, a telephone network, and electronic messaging.

A system and method of sharing information among at least a first organization and a second organization, comprising receiving via a communication link a request for authorization for a user in the first organization to access one or more individual’s information in a second organization, the communication link comprising the Internet, Wireless Communications, Mobile Devices, a Telephone Network, and Electronic Messaging. A request is logged and authorization is determined based on at least an access profile, one or more caseloads and the one or more roles associated with the user and the type of the one or more individual’s information in the second organization. The information requested is transferred, by the communication link, from the second organization to the user in the first organization and such transfer of information is logged.

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